The Summer QR Code Postage Discounts are back (with a few changes…)

Posted by Kevin Collins on June 22, 2012  |   Comments Off

Starting July 1, this summer’s mail and mobile commerce promotion encourages mobile marketing technologies that link print to digital channels and also encourages using personalization, another best practice.

 Business mailers will get an upfront 2 percent postage discount if the mailpiece features a technology that can be read or scanned by a mobile device — technologies like quick response (QR) codes, Microsoft Tags, Snap Tags, digital watermarks and image recognition.  Importantly, the technology must lead recipients to either a mobile-optimized Web page where they can purchase an advertised product or service from a mobile device, or to a mobile-optimized and personalized Web page tailored to the recipient.

 The promotion applies to both automation and presort First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail®, letters, flats and cards.

Mailing, Inc. can create and print unique QR codes.  Call or email Kevin Collins to discuss (610) 444-2050.


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