Full Color Envelope Printing / 4 Color Process Envelopes

Posted by Kevin Collins on April 5, 2013  |   Comments Off on Full Color Envelope Printing / 4 Color Process Envelopes

Full color envelopes used to be a pain.   Many times you would have to print flat sheets and then send them out to a converter to have the envelopes made.   It was a time consuming and expensive process !   There were some laser printer options that could do a good job, but they had problems too.   Lasers need heat to fuse the toner and that doesn’t mix well with window envelopes.   Lasers also had a problem with solids that went over the seams of the envelopes, multiple thicknesses did not produce even coverage.

The new printer is a new inkjet technology based no the Memjet print head.  The ink is water proof and produces a nice vibrate color.

Now in addition to variable data flat sheets, we can produce variable full color envelopes.

Call or stop in for samples.   Color_Envelope001

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