Mailing Services

Inkjet Image Addressing
This is the most efficient method to address preprinted mail pieces. Our printer can handle a great range of sizes and material. Any Windows font can be used and we can print in spot color. Postal permits and attention-grabbing tag lines can be printed along with the name and address information. We have 2 print heads and can print 4” wide. Heads can be split to run 2 blocks even wider apart.

Special inks are available to print UV (black light), print on waterproof aqueous coatings and plastics.
PMS colors can also be ordered for special projects

Inserting multiple pieces is no problem with our auto-insertion equipment. We have machines to handle flats (9 X 12 envelopes) , stretch (envelopes longer than #10), and regular letter sized mail.

All of our inserters are equipped with friction feeders to feed difficult materials.

The high speed, right-angle folders can perforate and cut mail pieces as well as folding them to your specifications. We are the only shop in the Philadelphia area that can machine collate and fold up to 6 loose sheets.

Affixing tabs (also known as wafer seals) is required on certain pieces in order to qualify for the maximum postage discounts. We apply tabs to fold over and close a mail piece or to remain flat on the surface. Live stamps some labels and post-it notes are also affixed with the tabbers. All tab applications can be done in-line with imaging! We stock the new 1.5” booklet tabs and regular 1” transparent tabs.

New “scratch off” tabs are available to produce custom “scratch-off” promotions. Combined with VDP printing, “scratch-off” can be a powerful promotion.

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