Variable Data Printing

Digital color printing is becoming synonymous with Variable Data Printing (VDP). There’s no doubt about it, VDP has become the focal point of income generation for customers. VDP allows for printing customized promotional materials that could possibly double or even triple response rates.

VDP is merging data into your printing at the same time it is printed.. VDP means you can change whole paragraphs, letterheads, graphics, fonts and even the entire letter based on anything you know about the recipient. It can be as simple as merging a name and salutation into a letter, or as complicated as you want to make it.

First impressions and variable data printing are especially important in direct mail fund raising. Now, with color VDP you don’t need to preprint letterhead for your direct mail fund raising. We can print the whole letter, not just the letter copy.

There has never been a better time to get personal with your market. Our digital laser printers produce top-quality color and b/w images and both the data and images can be variable on any mail piece within the same mailing. When a generic text just won’t cut it, we can produce just what you need.

Need custom tickets ? special barcoding ? Custom maps ? We can create them using variable data printing. The possibilities are unlimited.

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