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QR Codes on your mail piece will save postage this summer.

Posted by Kevin Collins on May 15, 2011  |   Comments Off on QR Codes on your mail piece will save postage this summer.

The USPS is running a special promotion to entice mailers to test mobile barcodes on their direct mail. The ultimate goal is to build awareness of mobile technology and demonstrate to mailers how mobile barcodes can increase the value of mail.

A mobile barcode is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read or scanned by a smart phone and will direct the user to an advertising website. The two most common types of mobile barcodes are QR Codes (Quick Response) and MS (Microsoft) Tags.

Program Details

The program runs from July 1, 2011 through August 31, 2011 and is available for First Class and Standard Mailers who incorporate a two-dimensional barcode either on the face or inside every piece in the mailing that is designed to direct the user to a promotional website. Mailers will receive an upfront 3% discount on postage for mailings that meet program requirements.

Program Requirements

* First Class or Standard Mail only (non-profit mail is not eligible).
* All mail pieces must include a mobile two-dimensional barcode on the face or within the mail piece.
* The barcode must be used for marketing purposes only.
* Postage must be paid via permit imprint and all postage documentation must be submitted to the USPS electronically.
* Co-mailing customers are eligible to participate in this program.

Contact me and I’ll give you all of the details of the program.

Mailing Inc. QR Code url

I can let you know some common uses for the barcodes and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

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