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Snap Pack Self-Mailers

Posted by Kevin Collins on June 16, 2011  |   Comments Off on Snap Pack Self-Mailers

A often over looked format for direct mail is the snap-pack. This sealed snap pack mailer is perforated on the sides for easy and official opening. The print mailer is designed to look “important”. The document may often contain important, urgent, time sensitive information or an attached check. A majority of people open these snap packs the moment that they see on them because of the format design! The printed mailers have details specific to the addressee such as name, address, and other personal data listed throughout the print in a format called “variable data”. The repetitive personal information detailed on the snap pack letter is aimed to demand immediate attention from the reader, therefore the response to action is high!

Snap Packs can serve a variety of functions. Some of the industries that have a proven record with variable data, including the pressure sealed snap pack are: Automotive Notices, Mortgage and Loan Modifications, Tax Liens or other Demand Letters, Bank notices letters, insurance documents, sensitive information, or any other “official” document that may have time sensitive urgent message to relay.

When people received a Snap Pack in their mail box if looks important – like a government notice or check! So the rate of opening it is almost 100%! WOW, imagine your notice having that kind of “open ratio”? When you add a bit of mystery to a direct mail piece, such as the snap pack mailer, you get immediate attention. If your copy follows through – you stand a great chance of the recipient acting on your message.

Mailing Inc. can produce a variety of snap packs. We have pressure seal equipment that use special forms produced with encapsulated glue that seals the forms when folded. We also have computer controlled gluing on one of our folders that can produce a snap pack from any plain paper. We can print, fold and glue. Snap packs are fast to produce for projects that have to be printed and in the mail A.S.A.P..

You can see a sample of a pressure seal mailer in our samples – look for Versaseal

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